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Hwasung Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in October, 2000 and being famous welding machine manufacturer with the outstanding technologies and high quality for ARC, TIG, AC/DC, Plasma and also CO2 welding machine for professional tasks.
Besides, it has been developing new businesses like LED lights and Optical Parts designing and manufacturing.

The world’s market is now looking for the Eco-friendly and high efficiency/economical products.

And the welding machine industry is also seeking for the products with high technology and lighter weight parts due to the updated environment regulation and the demand is rapidly growing.  And that makes the LED technology is taking the main part among the lighting business and being popular merging with IT.

Hwasung Electronics Co., Ltd. in the marching with the current flow, is enlarging its automatic manufacturing systems and R & D center to improve product development and also trying hard for the Joint Technical Committee by organizing the consortium with Industry-University Institute Collaboration.

And Hwasung Electronics Co., Ltd. will eventually march forward for the overseas markets as well as the domestic to prove and broadcast the excellence of Made in Korea products.

Every single person in Hwasung Electronics Co., Ltd. will continuously do the best to make the quality and the technology the best under the company motto as ‘Passion and Future Aiming’.

Hwasung Electronics Co., Ltd.
CEO Lee Heung Ju