• ’2016

    AUG   Venture Company Certificate Updated

    MAY   Designation for Planned Backing Project for R & D
    Korea Technology and Information Promotion Agency for Small and Mid-sized Enterprises

    APR   IN-NOBIZ Certificate Updated

    JAN   KC Certificate Achieved (SDA-6180 ETC)

  • ’2015

    NOV   KC Certificate Achieved (SDA-6160, ETC)

  • ’2014

    DEC   Designation for Manufacturing Process Development Technology Business by the Small and Medium Business Administration
    (High Efficiency Energy Saving Welding Machine for 100Khz)

    MAY   Exclusive R & D Center Established

  • ’2013

    NOV   ISO9001 Certificate Achieved

  • ’2012

    DEC   CE Certificate Achieved (SDA 200P)

  • ’2010

    JUN   CE Certificate Achieved (SDA 6160, 6180, 6230)

  • ’2008

    MAY   Hwasung Electronics Co., Ltd. registered as the corportation

  • ’2007

    NOV   IN-NOBIZ and Venture Company Certificate Achieved
    NOV   Designation for Promising Small and Med-sized Enterprises on Export
    (No. 07 Gyeonggi-116)

  • ’2005

    NOV   Brand ‘SPARK’ registered

  • ’2004

    APR   Factory built and moved to An-joong, Pyeongtaek

  • ’2000

    OCT   Hwasung Electronics Established